15"x15" PEDAL BOARD : 23"x15" PEDAL BOARD : 31"x15" PEDAL BOARD

A Rock Solid Pedal Board perfect for small rigs!!
Road Rage Removable Pedal Board Platforms are extremely well designed, road worthy and built solid, an exceptional value! Platform is covered with high quality Velcro fabric, with aluminum edging, chrome handles, corner covers and 4 heavy duty rubber feet. Comes with Velcro tape to mount your pedals.

An optional ATA style Road Case is available for this model.

Road Rage 23" X 15" Medium Pedal Board - Without Road Case: $70.00

Road Rage 23" X 15" Medium Pedal Board - WITH Road Case:: $180.00

Road case size: 26" Length x 18" Depth x 6 1/2" Height
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Discounted Flat Rate Shipping Options

23" x 15" Pedal Board Platform shipped in Canada $35.00,
$50.00 for the U.S.A

23" x 15" Pedal Board Platform with ATA Style Road Case shipped in Canada $40.00,
$60.00 for the U.S.A

Ships within two to three business days. Our Pedalboards are already a fantastic deal, these shipping discounts make them irresistible! Shipping usually takes 3 to 7 business days, with tracking number.

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Road Rage Pedal Boards Feature

• All high quality parts and heavy duty hardware. In fact we had some parts custom built because we weren't satisfied with the standard stock parts.
• Extremely solid construction, 3/8" thick wood walls, high quality rivets and screws are used to hold everything together.
• Velcro® covered pedal platform for secure pedal holding power.
• Metal handles and aluminum trim on pedal platform.
• Wood walls covered in PVC laminate for great looks and long lasting protection.
• 4 extra large rubber feet for strength and slip free operation.
• 4 strong latches so you can pop the top quick and easy, stays on firmly too.
• Recessed handles, well secured and quickly snaps back into place.
• Built like a tank, people use this term a lot but in this case it's true!!!

Our pedal boards are designed here in Canada by ROAD RAGE and custom built exclusively for us by a professional overseas international road case builder.

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