We offer the largest selection of analog True Bypass Looper DIY KITS, Guitar Buffers DIY KITS, A/B/Y pedals DIY KITS, Signal Switching systems DIY KITS, and more!! All our DIY Kits come complete with our exclusive bullet proof 3mm thick anodized aluminum enclosure, all high-end components, excellent quality prefused hookup wire - PLUS an easy to follow PDF wiring manual with step–by–step instructions and images to make your project fun.

We also offer fantastic Pedal Boards, Pedal Board Cabling, Power Supplies, everything you need to get your dream rig setup up right.

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Massive update on our Testimonials page with well over 100 photos of real cool pedal boards and gear, all photos sent in by our happy Road Rage clients. This is truly gear porn heaven!! Real pedal boards of real working musicans just like you!

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Premier Guitar Review!! They gave us a whopping 4.5!!

The great folks at Premier Guitar have graciously reviewed our Loopers. A special thanks goes out to Gayla and Tommy for there positive comments and support!

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Check out our incredible TESTIMONIALS page...
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