Colin James Pedal Board

Check out Colin's site here
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Randy Bachman Pedal Board

Check out Randy's site here
Randy's Road Rage looper was a custom build by Nice Rack Canada!
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Jonny Lang Pedal Board

You can check out Jonny's site here
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Chris Caddell Pedal Board

You can check out Chris' music here
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....and my a/b/y and my tap tempo!!!!
You build super high quality, massively road ready gear!!!
Mike Scheuchzer of Mercy Me
Photo by Brody Harper
Mike Scheuchzer pedal board Mike Scheuchzer pedal board

Black Keys Pedal Board - Photos sent in by a friend of Road Rage

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Matt Armstrong Bass Pedal Board - Photo from Premier Guitar Magazine

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Neal Casals Pedal Board - Photo sent in by a friend of Road Rage

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John Baizely Pedal Board - Photo from Premier Guitar Magazine

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Steve Greers Pedal Board - Photo sent in by a friend of Road Rage

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Tim Mahoney Board - Pedal Board put together at LA Sound Design - California

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Timothy Smith owner of Lowes Music School - Also featured as the background on some Road Rage website pages!

Click here to check out Lowes Music School
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Kevin Gardner Pedal Board - Cool photo sent in by Kevin Gardner

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Duane's - Custom paint job on one of kits!

Hello Jeff, I received the diy looper very quick a nice surprise for a change when ordering online. Assembly was all most effortless. After 38 years of playing it has given me back control and my tone. Thank you Duane
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C.Couch - Killer Bass Rig!

Hello, I ordered a 5ch looper with master bypass from you and just wanted to let you know that it's working geat! Beautiful build inside and out, it's the center piece of my bass board, love it!
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Check out Dan's Tweed Monster Board - Amazing work!

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Caroline G Pedal Board

I put together a pedalboard using several of your boxes and switchers, and I'm super happy with the results.
Back and Forth version 1
Back and Forth with master bypass
Mini volume box
Mini single looper
Check out the unique signal diagram with stacked back and forth loopers!
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Blakes board - Also featured as the background on some Road Rage website pages!

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Kai's board - Also featured as the background on some Road Rage website pages!

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Jasons very cool custom paint and pedal board build photos

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Jeff Wesseling - Road Rage owner's Pedal Boards

Thought I'd add my most recent 3 boards!
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Trevor's Super Cool EVH Style Board

You can check out Trevor's band here
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Harry's Pedal Board - Cool photo sent in by Harry!

Hi Jeff! Thank you so much for the looper. Great workmanship, delivery time and quality. And as you can see, it fits in on my board real well. Still to be hooked up yet though! Feel free to put this picture on your testimonials page!
Thanks again,
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff, Here are some pictures of the new board designed around the looper you built for me.

The enclosure is 3/4” sealed Birch plywood with a hinged-lid. All the pedals are enclosed and out of view except for the looper and the long/short switch on the analog delay. I designed the board and layout myself and the enclosure was built by a drummer friend of mine who is also a 25-year professional woodworker. It has connections on the left for the audio/DC power-snake and aux jacks on the right (including DC) for plugging an outboard unit into a spare loop on the looper if desired. The two currently-unused loops are bridged with short patch cables so if I step on one accidentally it won't cut my signal.

I'm running these two basically as pilot-lights at the moment. The board is wired throughout with Evidence Audio Melody cable. I would never have been able to design a board like this were it not for your product. The pedals are now protected from most of what can damage a pedalboard like spills, careening dancers, light rain, etc. Most of all, I was stunned at what this has done for my sound. I’m sure everyone else tells you this, but everything is so much clearer and more present with this kind of set-up. I am really happy with this unit.
Again, thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the photos.
Regards, Tommy
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More Great Pedal Boards put together at LA Sound Design - California

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Jason's Super Cool Pedal Board Project featuring a Road Rage True Bypass Looper and Lava Cables!

Thank's guys ! I appreciate the top notch products.
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Love the unit, my rig never sounded so good!

Thanks, Ernie
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Jeff, I just finished wiring my pedal board today.

Your looper works great. I attached a picture.
Thank you again for a great product.
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Tim's Double Pedal Board Rig - Insane!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff, Here's the pictures of the looper I just finished!

The paint turned out so/so, but I dig's glow in the dark green (which really does glow!) and black. Enjoy!
Josh B
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

All my gear arrived today!!

Thanks so much, everything looks great, loving the gear very much.
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Very cool board sent in by Kevin!! - Nice and clean!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Thanks so much guys for an amazing product.

I don't know how I got by without it before!
For anyone in Australia sitting on the fence about making a purchase.... I had a custom made 8 ch compact system at my door two weeks from the first email, at an unbeatable price.
Would recommend 110%!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi there!

I got and I love it. It looks, works and sounds great!
Thanks a lot!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff, just wanted to take a minute and send a pic of my completed pedalboard with a Road Rage 7-channel Looper.

The looper is amazing! It's true from what everyone else has been saying about it actually making the tone sound better. I can't tell you how much easier it is for me to activate and deactivate my effects while I'm playing. Road Rage certainly has my recommendation and support!
Thanks again for making such an amazing product!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Nicks Board!

Love my pedalboard and my looper, great gear at a great value Thanks
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff,

I have finally completed my new pedal board. Here are a couple of photos, with the loop switches and buffer that you sent me. I’m really enjoying the ease and flexibility of using these switches. Of course, there is a remarkable improvement of tone compared to my prior setup.
Again, thanks for your quick service and be assured your products will be highly recommended.
Best Regards,
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff,

Got it all set up, thought I'd send you a pic. Personally, I'm pretty impressed that I could fit as much as I did on a PedalTrain 2. The 8 Channel looper not only fit perfectly, but did exactly what I was hoping for, as far as restoring my amps original tone.
I really appreciated your great communication, quick build time and awesome product I'll be sure to tell everyone I know about my experience.
Thanks again,
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

I've fallen in love with your Bigfoot 6 looper.

During the night, the LED's look beautiful, during the day, they are surprisingly easy to see despite the sun. My tone has never been so clear, and the quality of your products amaze me!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Another great looking board! - Photo sent in by Micheal from Lava Cable

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

I ordered a couple loopers from you last year and I've been going on and on about how great they are to anyone who's looking.

Figured I'd send you a pic of my newest board utilizing your looper. Only 4 pedals in the instrument to amp chain, volume, phaser, verb, analog delay. The rest is sorted into small groups using individual loops.
Anyway, awesome work, super solid looper, thank you so much!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff, I just thought you would want to see the outcome of the looper I ordered. Great product!

Thanks again!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I am enjoying my new switchers and pedalboard.

It's such an improvement from my last renditions. Fantastic transparent sound.
I played first straight into my amp then through the board in true bypass mode. NO difference. Very happy.
Overall I am very happy with the looks AND tone. I have since spread the word about Road Rage switchers.
Thanks for all your help and I'll be ordering from you again for my next board.
I am enclosing a couple of pics.
Scott R
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Woo hoo!

Matt A
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi, got the 10 Loop Looper today and i LOVE it -- fantastic job on these.

got it all hooked up and had to take a couple of pics to send you. theyre attached. thanks again, and i cant wait to get the other pedals that i ordered. im spreading the Road Rage word every chance i get.
w w w . t h e d i g i t a l g o d . c o m
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hey Jeff, this is Brandon, I've got the 10 ch switcher up and running and man i love it!

It has def cleaned up my sound, enhanced my tone alor, and made the live situation all in one! One of the best investments ive made yet. Ive attached a photo of it and my board (i dond a cool gold sparkle finish myself).
Thanks Again,
Brandon Mobley
Brandon's band Autumn's Way
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Here's a shot of my new pedaboard.

I love the clarity of the "uncolored" sound as well as the simplicity of your system.
Very well built.
Sounds AMAZING !!!
Thanks, Les
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff,

I just finished installing your Road Rage Pro Gear 8 Loop True Bypass system and Mini Buffer on my pedal board and the improvement in tone is not only immediately noticeable but 1,000% better than before. This system is virtually quiet, and given the quality of the parts and excellent construction, it is obviously built to last.
I cannot say enough about how much better the overall sound quality is. The buffer adds a certain tightness and as you promised, the overall tonal range of my guitars is much better too.
Also, big benefit to players - no more dancing around trying to find the right pedal button to switch on and off. With ease now can I switch in or out any of my effects from the front of the board and concentrate on my playing.
To anyone thinking of adding this great tool to your board - I'd say you had better, but only if you want a significantly better quality guitar tone coming out of your amps! This hand crafted true bypass system works perfectly. Check it out!
Thanks again, Jeff,
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff, I love the looper! Each pedal sounds so full now.

The master volume pedal has allowed me to crank my amp to get a natural break up. And the pedal board is stout and looks awesome. I'll be ordering more and referring more people! I attached a pic of the new set up. I went with all lava cables too by the way. Thanks again!
Sounds AMAZING !!!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff, I want to say thanks to you and everyone at Road Rage for making an amazing product....

I have had one of your 8 Ch. Loopers and it works perfectly. Built like a tank so it will last me forever. Makes the pedal board clean, neat and eliminates a ton of tap dancing. I tell anyone that asks to go to Road Rage.
I will come to you for any other switching needs.
Thank you again and I have attached a few pics of my newly finished board.
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hey Jeff! Wanted shoot you an email just to say how much I am digging my new looper and cabling setup.

Unsurprisingly, I have dealt with signal loss and tone degradation for a long long time and now I sound just as good as I do plugging directly into the amp! And I really wanted to give you extra kudos on fitting 8 loops into a 14" box. It's easily 7 inches narrower than any other loopers I looked at, and when you're already trying hard to toe the line between keeping all your toys and fitting a new one in, size matters!
So many thanks to you for putting out a killer product.
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Love the unit, my rig never sounded so good!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for the 6 loop, multi-color looper.

I recently gigged with it and it performed amazingly. a pic attached is a pic of it on my board.
Thanks again!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff, My wife recently purcased your Looper from ebay.

It arrived Friday and man what a beautiful piece! Works perfectly and the craftmanship is outstanding. Your photos do not do it justice. I was expecting sheet metal and sheet metal screws. The machine screws and anodized enclosure is first rate. I will spread the word about you the best I can. I wish your company big success.
Sincerely, Jeff
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff, I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know I installed the looper and A/Y/B boxes on the weekend and had a practise since I did, Man what a great product.

This thing has cleaned up my signal like crazy, I was sceptical at first but as you can see from the pic I have a couple of old favourites on my board that were definitely impacting my tone.
Now my Tele and Dr Z Maz jr sound simply clear and great. I am finding that some of the settings I had been using for years need to be tweaked as some of the pedals sound different with the others not in the circuit anymore (I didn't expect that), too cool.
Thanks for the great customer service, quick shippment and the great product. I am spreading the word and telling anyone else that will listen about your site, service and product.
I hope to do business again in the future. Thanks Again!!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hey Jeff, This is a pic of my new pedal board with the new custom looper.

Thanks again!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

It’s truly an outstanding product –

it helped isolate a partially-shorted GeorgeL cable that was attenuating my signal badly.
John T
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

I couldn't be happier because it works perfectly!

Thank you again when I have the other pedalboard done I'll send you another picture... I'll put in my FB as well and mark it.
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff - Thanks for such a great product (with easy to follow directions)!!

A few hours of cutting wires and soldering has solved my pedalboard problems once and for all.
Feel free to share any of my comments on your website or with your customers. I'll be talking about how I did the board layout on some of the guitar forums I'm a member of (TGP, MLP, H-C, TFF, LPF, etc.). And if I come across anybody needing a great looper I'll be sure to send them your way!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hey Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I can't believe how the sound has changed your looper it's just incredible!

Yesterday I spend six hours to build all the pedalboard and I can't believe how perfect it sound now...
This looper it's just amazing there isn't any background noise it's so clean and so perfect really an amazing piece of gear... I'm going to show this to all my friends because maybe someone need something like this!!!
Thank you so much
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff! I'm happy to tell you that your pedal is great!

It works perfectly and it's exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you!!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

I think I am going to bed late tonight...... this buffer is beautiful, this is the way my set up should sound all the time.

This Mesa Mark V is thight but now feels tigher and more over clear !!!!!!! or how you said "transparent"!!!! just love it ..
I am going to try it right after the guitar as a right now she is at the end of the last pedal...!
Thanks again Jeff
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to pass along my props to you and your building crew for making me one sweet piece of equipment.

The quiet in my signal path now has to be heard to be believed. The pedal itself is pretty rugged, and after investing in over a dozen pairs of 1/4" straight and angled plugs and about a dozen feet of cable, my live setup (barring acquisitions of a tuning pedal and my final effects box) is all but complete. Thanks a bunch for laying out the LEDs according to my request - that really helped in setting things up. Even my longtime drummer and musical brother in arms, whose own set has over half a dozen pedals remarked on how 'tight' my setup is now. I can't wait to take this thing out on the road to really see what it can allow me to do!
Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays,
Proud Road Rage Customer
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Special thanks to Richard Cleaver for his great blog featuring his custom Road Rage Switching System, check it out!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

I absolutely love your bypass looper/buffer it works flawlessly and sounds killer!

Thanks Jeff
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Bill's Theremin - Finally got it all together and here's the picture:

Art Harrison's Minimum Theremin built into your cool enclosure. The thing sounds like 50's SciFi through a delay, so my current plan is to put another one in my 2nd road case along with a delay and a little chip amp so it can plug in anywhere.
Maybe find an artsy type person to make a cooler antenna too - as you can see I'm not exactly god's gift to metal work.
Here's a link to Art Harrison's site
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeff, been using my looper for close to a couple months now and I gotta say your work is definitely top notch!!

It’s streamlined my setup and made it wonderfully easy to use (as I knew it would). Absolutely no problems off any kind.
Thanks again,
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

A quick note on my rig!

From the board the signal runs to my rack into a Roland SDE-1000 digital delay, from there to an Ibanez DD1000 dual digital delay with the first segment set for slapback and the second set for chorus, then out of that in stereo into the clean loops of two Crate V33H heads driving a pair of small cabinets each loaded with a single 12" 1968 Jensen C12N speaker. I've been generally happy with my sound, though I knew I had to be losing at least a little volume and tone due to having seven effects in the chain, hence my order for the looper.

Well, last night my band got together as planned and I set my pedalboard back in my rig with the looper all hooked up.

Right from the first note I was in love. The sound was more than I could have hoped for; both clearer and louder than before. I had to turn my amps down a full notch from 5 to 4. Then we got rolling and uh-ma-gawd, I couldn't believe the presence my Strat had running straight through with all the loops off. The stereo chorus of the Ibanez delay unit has never sounded so clean and it just shimmered. I had goosebumps, and then time came to solo and I clicked on the loop controlling the tubescreamer.


The word eargasm is the only way to describe it. Punchy, singing sustain, with every note from top to bottom coming through loud and clear. Before the looper, low notes especially had a tendency to lose some definition with the screamer on, but not any more.

When our drummer turned to me after the song and said, "Man, I just love the sound of your Strat", I knew I hadn't been imagining it. I can say without a doubt that I have never played through a better sounding rig, and as I mentioned before, I've been at this for forty years.

Thank you thank you thank you for putting such a fantastic weapon in my arsenal, Jeff. You've made an old rocker's ears feel young again.

May you and Road Rage Pro Gear live long and prosper!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Thanks for the two single loopers!

Considering TU-2 the worst enemy #1 in the signal path, and wah-wah the 2-nd worst, I've decided to loop the wah and insulate the tuner from the path. So the TU-2 doesn't have any return to the signal (as you can see in the attach picture). Both loopers work fine, and I'm a "happy camper" again.
If I continue like this, soon I'm going be called for gigs as a guitar player. Ha ha ha ha!
Thanks again, and be sure if someone I know asks about Road Rage, I'll highly recommend you.
Marin's Board
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

It's me again - I've tried the cable and the switch. Excellent!

I couldn't believe my ears! I was expecting some improvement, but not as good. Louder and clearer! I used neither top quality cables nor cheap ones. Let's call them decent, or above average. Yours is better. Period. Top quality.
The A/B/Y switch is not only good looking (even my wife said it looks nice with those elegant blue LED), but gave me the opportunity to use both amps, the tube and the solid state, with a push of a button. High quality craftsmanship! The ground toggle switch is also a very good addition.
Now, I can combine the totally different types of sound, coming from the two different concept amps, accordingly.
Your stuff improved my sound big time!
The pedals got a new life, a better sound all together!
Couldn't be happier!
Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Premier Guitar Magazine - Photo from a Looper article in PGM

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

C Gerakines board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Robbys board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Charlies board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

michaels' board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Jeremy's board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Blade Studio's board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Heath's board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Isaach's board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Bob's board!

Road Rage Pro Gear Testimonials

Here's some more great testimonials sent in by our happy clients...

Jeff, the pedal arrived today. I'm very impressed with the build quality, and my tone definitely has more dynamics, punch, and clarity! It's funny...when you have certain pedals on your board for awhile, you forget how things are supposed to sound. The looper has reintroduced me to my original guitar to amp tone, and I love it! It's also very convenient to have control over almost my entire board with just the looper...less tap dancing. The red LED's are plenty bright, too. I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of the "hey what's that?" questions at my next gig.

Very cool kit!

Jeff, got the dual buffer today, thanks for the great build and prompt service. The quality is evident in the pedal construction. I had to crack it open to take a look. I plugged it in tonight and a really noticeable improvement was with my strat, in how airy the top end became. Also, my OCD pedal always seemed slightly choked and muffled but with the buffers on it came to life in a big way. I also like the ablity to turn the buffers off and on as desired.
Thanks again. Jay

Simply P-E-R-F-E-C-T-!!!!

Hi jeff, I received my ab switch yesterday and i have to say that im very pleased with it. Seemless switching with no pops, volume is the same either through the pedal or directly into the amp, and best of all it looks bitchen, very industrial like. I will most definately recommend you to others. Thanks again!

Hi Jeff, I try your looper with the buffer and the result is very cool!!!! The led are very bright a lot better that my other pedal. The looper are very compact i can select one pedal and don't select the other. And the best is the buffer, compared to the other buffers. Road rage buffer don't kill dynamic and give the hi frequency that i lost frequently and give a lot definition.
Thank for all your product Jeff :)

Very impressed. Highly recommended.

I got my board in only 2 DAYS! and it is HUGE!!!! I love it! Thank you

Jeff, The looper and buffer arrived yesterday and both work great. Thanks for the grand service and fine products. I will recommend your firm. In fact, I already have. And I'm happily surprised by the sonic improvement afforded by the buffer. It really does tigthen up the sound and supplement the highs. There's a noticeable difference with the buffer in the chain.
Thanks again. Cheers,

Cool tool and shipped quickly - Thank You!!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I've been able to put the new pedal through its paces and I can't tell you how happy i am with it! The "reverse boost" is a great concept for me because I prefer to run my amp at a healthy level all the time. This pedal probably should have cost about twice as much. Will be used at every gig; only wish I had owned it for our past tour. Great work!

Jeff, Looper came in perfect!!! ANOTHER JOB REALLY WELL DONE!!! These are the best loopers and the quality is AMAZING you've done such a brilliant job champion effort!
Thanks again, kind regards, Dano…
Ps: will buy some more very soon!

Killer kit!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Hi Jeff...Received the looper today...perfect!! Thanks again for the great service and price.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my 6TBEL today. This thing is so pretty, Im afraid to put it on my board!! I could not resist opening it up and checking your work out........One word, BRILLIANT!! your soldering skills are way beyond anything I have ever done!!
Thanks for the quality product and workmanship. I will send pics when the board is done.
Donnie B.

Hi Jeff, I received the pedals today and I am extremely impressed. They are completely tone neutral and built to a very high standard. I will certainly be singing your praises here down under to all I meet. Well done and thanks for the professional service.

This has been the best thing for my tone EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great item for the DIY'er, exceptional design, thanks!

Hi Jeff, How are you and Happy New Year !!!
Sorry I'm responding late, but I just landed a job a few weeks ago and been very busy but also much happier and now with this great piece of gear from your company, I'm beyond excited !!!
Anyways, a full-review is in order:
Short Version:
You should know that this looper pedal exceeded my expectations and that is not an easy task - I'm an engineer !!!!
Long Version:
Initially I was suspicious in buying such a device since my brother had purchased a CarlMartin OctaSwitch a while back and we agreed that it colored the tone in a bad way, it also popped when using the switches, etc. In summary, my brother sold it on eBay and was disgusted; I became convinced it was not possible to achieve great tone with such a device.
Such a device to me is very desirable since I'm an analog guy and love my pedals, so when I visited your website it convinced me your looper-pedal could deliver, but still somewhat hesitant...
When I received it, I noticed the quality of the fit-and-finish was impecible, coming out of the box it looked like a piece of swiss-jewelry, NICE (love that anodized aluminum) !!! Once hooked up, I A/B'd the tone to my Marshall with and without the looper, I couldn't believe there was barely any difference in the tone, dynamics and overall feel, WOW !!! I did the same with a few pedals in the loops, again, barely any difference, double WOW !!! Also worth noting is that there are no pops when using the switches, that was one of my fears, it just switches quietly, BEAUTIFUL !!!. The buffer is very transparent and I'm glad its in there, although I don't have much use for it now I know some day I'll have some long cables hooked up and the buffer will be a blessing. The night I hooked it up I went to bed very late, I couldn't stop using it - so much fun !!!
You delivered on every critical aspect of this product, and you should be proud, not to mention your patience for answering my questions and for giving me a break when I was unemployed. You are a gentleman and I will be showing off your product to my friends here in Massachusetts, and hopefully more business will come your way. I will be sending you a digital photo of my pedal board when its complete, its going to be a thing of beauty, your looper will be front-and-center (you can use the photo however you wish) !!!
My only REGRET is that I didn't specify a couple more loops in the design, I wanted to be conservative to not have the tone suffer, but had I known it was going to be this good a couple more loops would've been sweet indeed !! Oh well...
Thank you so much for a job well done!!! Tony M

I've never see gorgeous aluminium enclosures like these, great pro job!!!!!

Great!!! Looper built like a tank!!! Excellent!!

Excellent deal!. Quality is A+ and directions are great. Thanks from Nfld!!!S

Just want to take the opportunity to say what a difference the two quad loops have made to my board.
Currently there are ten pedals on it, all of which I use frequently and are pretty integral to my playing. Being able to have one quad loop with a tuner mute and one with bypass switch means I have an incredibly simple and intuitive system for switching between various combinations of effects (eg. the last loop of the first quad has my dirt boxes, the 1st of the second is a bypass; so it's easy to simultaneously turn on some distortion while cutting the chorus/tremolo/delay I may use for clean sounds all at once).
Plus using an amp with a loop I can simply plug the second quad in there and therefore have all the pedals I like after the preamp with no hassle, keeping the same simple pedalboard layout.
Also, even though the majority of my pedals are true bypass, simply being able to remove all that cable from the signal when I bypass a pedal makes a huge difference to my basic tone.
Lastly, the small size, simple look and bright LEDs are all major plusses.
Oh, and you're really cheap too! Fantastic value.
To summarise: very happy, and looking forward to getting the Rapidfire to use with my dirt pedals.
All the very best,

Beautiful kit, one of the best I have ever seen, great pdf instructions!


Simply awesome! A top quality unit, quick ship, love the blue LEDs.

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the amp switcher we designed. Super quiet and built like a tank, EXACTLY what I had in mind. I couldn't believe we went from bouncing ideas back & forth via e-mail on a holiday Monday, to having my custom designed switcher in my mailbox by Thursday...Awesome!
I'm glad to see that it's now available for sale on the website! I'm sure it will be a welcome addition to many a rig out there. There is simply nothing else like it available on the market right now! Keep up the great work!

Fantastic above and beyond customer service, high quality product!

Nice kit with an excellent enclosure. Super-fast shipping.


Holy smokes Jeff! You are probably more than aware, but, I had NOOOOOOOOOO idea my tone was gonna jump out like it did. I'll give you an idea .. we do a song called "So Very Hard To Go", slow song, no overdrive. I am totally clean tone. Dulce amp ... Les Paul .... Alnico Humbucker in the bridge position. I have one loop going with my ISP Decimator gate + EH Holy Grail reverb (its the end of the chain and both will be on 99% of the time, so I put them on the same loop) and a second loop with a mildly modded CS-3, Boss Compressor (I think it was just replacing 2 or 3 caps, just to make it .... not as harsh) .... Here is what BLEW me away ... I got a Les Paul with a humbucker quacking like a nashville tele. In my book, that is the do or die moment of an amp, when you have nothing to mask the tone. Every day millions of guitar players cover up the shortcomings of their tone with overdrive/fuzz/distortion .... If only more people knew what those pedals were capable of doing for their sound .. the'd give 4x the price (I for one know that I will NEVER be able to be without one again).
One gig, I handed out 8 or 10 of your business cards (thats how many guitarists i had come to me to get a closer look on what I was doing) I blamed 100% of my tone on your True Bypass. You seriously can spend all the money in the world on good gear, and still miss the 'tone boat' .... its once you begin to realize some of the realistically less expensive tricks of the trade that you begin to unlock (and I use that word very purposely) the tonal capabilities of ANY amp. But, who am I telling, Im preaching to the choir ... Your MORE than aware of what these things can do. Would it be ok if I asked for a few more business cards? We are playing a festival in a little more than a month that is gonna have 9 bands there, and Im gonna be pluggin the crap out of your stuff.


Hi Jeff, got the looper today.  That's fast service!  I have only had a short time to try it out (got to get off to work sadly). First impressions are wow it's brilliant, a quality pro level unit.  Your build quality is great, I feel like it won't let me down.
Perfect for my uses. I have various pedals and a few more on order such as BB Preamp, Maxon OD-9.  All of them are true-bypass except for my MXR Carbon copy delay, hence your looper.... my biggest worry was losing the straight to amp tone and feel when using the looper, clearly I shouldn't have worried as the looper has kept the sound and nuances of the feel, it really plays as if it's not in the chain.  Amazing as I did not get that with the Radial or Voodoo Labs...
Many thanks, Joe

º°¤ø,¸¸,¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø ~ PERFECT ~ ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ ø,¸,¸

Hi Jeff, A quick note to let you know I received the pedals today. Excellent packaging.
I just gave them a try. Pretty kewl stuff, works like a charm. Thanks for this excellent transaction. Nice to be able to buy this kind of thing here in Canada. I will spread the word.
Regards, Ben

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